Cradle Boat Project


Cradle boats have a long tradition among seafaring families and boat building communities. Jordan Wood Boats in Oregon supplied the plans for this 45in stem dinghy, which included full size templates for all eight strakes. This saved a great deal of time spiling.

The commission was for a client’s grandchild, due in August. The build time had to be around seven days to make the project cost effective for both parties. In the event the boat took about eight days to build at a cost of £750.

All the joints are identical, and the techniques, and problems, are the same for full and model size – steaming plank ends, riveting, bevelling of the lands, cutting jerrolds or gains, rabbets, knees and breasthook.

The oak back bone, consisting of keel, laminated hog and apron, and oak stem, with mahogany transom was set up over the three moulds, securely screwed to a base board, and planking began just as in a full size boat. Each pair of 3/16th strakes were got out of one piece of 5/8th larch, resawed and thicknessed.

The hood ends were steamed into the stem rabbet and secured by tiny brass screws. At each stage the boat was sanded and given a coat of Blakes clear wood sealer.

The last two strakes, the sheer strake being of iroko, were put up with the boat right side, as I prefer to be able to judge the vital sheerline at this stage. After steaming in timbers, fitting breasthook, stern knees, gunwales and rubbing strakes, the little boat was given a pair of gentle rockers. Let’s hope the occupant grows up peacefully and with an instinctive eye for a fair line...



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