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Adrian Morgan's monthly column .. (pdf)

Adrian Morgan,
Burnside, 80 Strathkanaird, Ullapool, Wester Ross. IV26 2TP
Tel: +44(0)1854 666383
Mobile: 07774 843 844


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"A hundred pairs of eyes were waiting (let's face it) for the crunch of glass fibre on granite."
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"At the Hardanger Fortoyuernster, Kathy Mansfield discovered tomorrow's boatbuilders learn the old skills as well as the new ones."
(Size 959kb)


"A perfectionist with an incredible eye for detail, Iain Oughtred produces boat plans for Everyman. Adrian Morgan had the privilege of building Iain's 100th design."
(Size 522kb)


"Coral sand beaches, limestone caves, mangrove swamps and crocodiles - Adrian Morgan discovers it all while exploring the islands and tropical rivers fringing the West coast of Thailand's Malay Peninsula."
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"One of the most enduring of Jack Laurent Giles's designs, the Vertue has been praised since the 1930's for her performance when the going gets tough. Adrian Morgan owner of Vertue No2, Sally II talks about the design - and the legends."
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"The story of Jan .. a traditional Norwegian Sjekte. The story of Jan is the story of city island. New York, in its heyday; norwegian shipbuilding emigrants at the Henry B Nevin's shipyard; and the effects of the great depression.."
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"‘SO,’ SAID THE TAXI DRIVER over his shoulder as we turned into London’s St James’s Place, home of the Royal Ocean Racing Club. ‘What’s a good boat then?’ Before he could say ‘I had that Ellen MacArthur (round-the-world British yachtswoman) in my cab the other day’ I asked him what he wanted to do with it. ‘Just pottering. With the kids. Nothing fancy. Mostly on the reservoir. Mother-in-law. Got to be safe.’.."
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"After many years as a yachting journalist, Adrian Morgan decided to repay his debt to society by becoming a traditional boat builder. Kathy Mansfield tells his uplifting story. With photographs by the author."
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   A 15ft double ender for a Sussex lake
15ft double ender for a Sussex lake
A 15ft trolling boat
15ft trolling boat
Kelana's Dinghy
Kelana's Dinghy

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